On March 12th, I joined a binational advocacy group Border Angels – Angeles de la Frontera led by US coordinator Osvaldo Ruiz, and Hugo Castro, and Gaba Cortes, coordinators for the outreach group in Mexico. We visited a few shelters including Mission Evangelica Roca de Salvacian, and the Eternal Life shelter, which houses between them both over 100 refugees and
migrants. Our group brought roughley $600.00 worth of basic supplies of food and sanitary items and
distributed them to the various shelters – There are over 4,000.00 refugees in Tijuana with only
25 shelters housing the refugees. Many of the shelters have some sought of government funding, but the shelters we visited do not have regular funding and are located in unsafe areas east of the city. Hugo Castro, directs the outreach program SOS Migrante, to the shelters that need the most help. The refugees are in desperate need of basic clothing essentials, antibiotic ointments, pain
relief, diapers, and medical services. For more information please contact- Osvaldo Ruiz, and
Hugo Castro, and Gaba Cortes@borderangles.org