Books, and Photo Journals:

Storytelling Through Migrant Eyes By Pamela Calore

California Department of Education 2017 Binational Summer Program Migrant Education Program Region IX By Pamela Calore

Opening the Door of Hope Paperback – May 23, 2017 by Pamela Calore (Author)

Keep Families Together by Pamela Calore

Baja, Mexico Refugios Migratorios Y Ciudades Fronterizas Front Cover Pamela Calore Blurb, Incorporated, Jun 11, 2014

“Opening the Door to Hope” Children’s Day “El Día Del Niño” by Photographs by Pamela CaloreLemon Grove Incident 1931 A Journal of Interviews and Photos by Lemon Grove Oral History Project

Manufacturing Towns, Migration: and Invisible Cities by Pamela Calore

Is there room in the inn? La Posada Sin Fronteras by Pamela Calore

A Process into Being: paintings, photographs, collage and installation by Pamela Calore

The Line That Divides NAFTA Trade Corridor by Pamela Calore

Understanding Unions And Documenting Labor by Pamela Calore Edited By Hisaho Blair

Slideshows and Videos:


Memorial to my friend and mentor Micaela Saucedo.

Burrito Project LA-South Pasadena

Youtube channel: changingroad


Micaela Saucedo- video

The Shelters and Canals in Tijuana, MX with Micaela Saucedo

Ni Un Muerto Mas: photos taken by Pamela Calore

Bienvenido a uno días a lo largo de la línea, Marcha Migrante X photos by Pamela Calore 1-slideshow

Images of protest and activists on the front line fighting for humane immigration reform and against the US drug and gun policies. Several Border Angels, Enrique Morones and myself traveled with the “Caravan for Peace” Javier Sicilia, August 12-Sept.12 ,2012 following in the footsteps of Civil rights leaders in the south and across the US. slideshow

United Farm Workers Celebrate 50 Years of Service to America’s Workers In 2012. Border Angels Marcha Migrante VII ” A walk with Cesar” Highlights the 10 core values of Cesar Chavez as they march through California, Feb 2 – Feb 11th 2012.-photos by Pamela Calore (c)

MARCHA MIGRANTE VII “WALKING WITH CESAR” February 2‐11, 2012 Living his 10 principles ! Si Se Puede !

Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity, photos by Pamela Calore

The Border Angels and several organizations marched beginning in Sasabe, Sonora on February 2, 2010 They caravanned to Tucson, Phoenix in Arizona, then headed to Coachella Valley, then to Calexico and concluded the Marcha in Holtville California where more than 600 unidentified, but not forgotten migrants ended their nightmare journey. NI UNA MUERTE MAS, REFORMA YA! photos by Pamela Calore

Border Wall

International Day of Workers -May 1, 2010 San Diego, CA , photos and video by Pamela Calore



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